Meeting T Rex

Monday, May 7, 1945

Here’s what’s funny about Grandma’s visit. Daddy wrote: “Last week we worked every day and night cleaning the house. I picked Mom up at the station, and what do you think was the first thing she did when we got her settled? After all that work, she polished all the silver, did all the shopping, and made 10 pounds of potato salad, and then she said she felt fine. — which goes to prove that work is just a habit to some people, and they have to do it whether it needs doing or not. Some people seem to get more energy to do work when they work. (Oh I forgot – she washed the walls, too. Only now Mom is sorry, because there isn’t much work left to do. I’m afraid she’ll try to do it all over again.)” But we still had time to take her to the Denver Museum of Natural History and I met my first T Rex.

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