What to do with 40 lbs of sugar

Tuesday, Apr 24, 1945

Reds and Yanks have joined forces in Berlin. The War in Europe has to be over soon! But meanwhile a war is heating up here over food shortages and Lend Lease. The Polish issue has especially got a lot of people complaining about sending any food to Russia. A lot of people feel strongly about this, as Mommy found out when she talked to a neighbor. Mommy wrote home, “One of my neighbors was complaining to me about how terrible it is that we are shipping all that sugar to ‘those Russians’. It turns out she has eight ration books because all her roomers eat out and have let her use their books. So she has eight sugar stamps or forty pounds a period. And there she was telling me that she wouldn’t give up one grain of sugar for the foreigners! She’s a nice enough old lady and I guess she doesn’t realize how it sounded. What an elderly spinster does with all that sugar is beyond me unless the whiskey I smelled on her breath comes from her own private still in the cellar.”

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