Desert Rats liberate Nazi stalags

Friday, Apr 20, 1945

Over 2,000 Yanks were freed from two German prisoner-of-war camps, Stalag 11-B and Stalag 357, by the British 7th armored division. Most of the prisoners had been there 5 years! They lived in dilapidated shacks and had to make their own stoves, cooking utensils, and tableware. They slept 4 to a cot and most only had straw to keep warm. Prisoners died daily and were buried in a huge cemetery outside the camp. As the news of liberation spread, more Americans swarmed out of the woods where they had been hiding after successful escapes. An American reporter described the scene: “The Americans swarmed over me like bees when they saw the press insignia on my Jeep.” The reporter collected the names to send back home to anxious families.


Light the Sabbath candles.

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