A day of horror

Thursday, Apr 12, 1945

Stunned, shocked, horrified. These are the few words we can utter today as we absorb the news that Franklin Delano Roosevelt has died. Our radio program about the American Revolution was interrupted by a special bulletin. He was only 63 but he’s been our president for more than a decade. He shepherded us out of a terrible depression when 13,000,000 people were unemployed. He created the Tennessee Valley Authority to bring electricity and economic development to people who had none. His New Deal created Social Security to provide for people like Daddy’s mother. She had nothing but her house when her husband died. Now she can put food on the table. Yes, he brought us into this terrible war. But he was on the verge of bringing us out to total victory over the Axis. He set a personal example of courage by the way he dealt with his polio, which he contracted at 39.


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