America feeds a hungry world

Friday, Mar 30, 1945

Should America feed a hungry world? If so, how? A special House committee is looking into it and the White House is holding a conference on it. The very speed of Liberation has created a problem as Allies struggle to feed our troops, our ballooning population of prisoners-of-war, and the growing numbers of civilians who have no food in war-ravaged communities. The President’s wife, Eleanor Roosevelt, proposed a solution at a news conference yesterday: “If we would just eat the British ration for one month all over this country, we would be much more satisfied with what we have.” Mommy says we’re doing our part by cutting back on meat and by getting our Victory garden started. She says it’s criminal that some people buy meat and chicken on the black market or cheat with their ration stamps. It’s hard to think of scrimping on holiday meals, especially with Easter Sunday in only 2 days.

Light the Sabbath candles

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