In the Garden of the Gods

Thursday, Mar 22, 1945

Today Mommy and I took Essie to the Garden of the Gods. It’s been a public park since 1909 when the children of its owner, Charles Elliott Perkins, the head of Burlington Railroad, conveyed it to the city of Colorado Springs. It’s a strange sort of garden – no flowers, just lots of fantastic rock shapes. It was a happy day for two reasons. One, we were out in sunny, beautiful weather. And two – Patton’s racing 3rd Army tanks smashed through the German chemical plants on the Rhine and are close to joining up with the 7th Army. With the enemy in a complete rout, the new problem is the thousands of prisoners pouring into our camps. Why, some of them are kids who were pressed into uniform only a week earlier. It seems just a matter of days before the war ends. Germany’s envoy to Eire has even submitted a peace bid. Happy, happy day!

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