War criminal trials begin

Tuesday, Feb. 27, 1945

MacArthur is back in Bataan and bombers are attacking Tokyo. But my family is much more excited about the first trials of German war criminals. In Aachen last week Otto Meyer is being tried for instigating murders of fellow Germans when he headed Hitler’s storm troopers (SA) in the town of Kolscheld. It’s the very first trial of any alleged Nazi party leader in the territory now occupied our 1st Army. Meyer almost got away with murder: the first investigation gave him a clean bill of health because he lied about his background and swore he had never been a member of the SA. Prosecutor Capt Lewis H Burke says Meyer claimed he was ousted from the SA because he was “friendly to the Jews.” Hah! We have our own problems here, though. Someone fired a shotgun into the home of a returned Japanese-American family in California.

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