How to make Grandma smile

1945_the-neighbors_janSaturday, Feb. 10, 1945

Mommy tries very hard to send newsy and amusing letters home. She knows that it comforts all my grandparents and makes them feel we’re not so far away. Apparently, I am a ready fund of amusing stories to make them laugh. I have become, she wrote today, “very popular in the neighborhood. All the dogs come around to see her (there are five of them) and she entertains them in the backyard. They jump over the fence or climb under it but they manage somehow to get in. I suppose it means extra cleaning up for me, but I couldn’t very well keep her away from her dearest friends, could I? My only big problem is getting her to stay outside alone. Unless the dogs are there, she wants me to stay out with her.” There are a lot of women like Mommy writing letters to people far away, hoping that a laugh or two will brighten dreary life on some military post or bring a touch of home to a soldier in a foxhole.


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