Jack Benny from Mitchell Field

Sunday, Jan 28, 1945

We had a huge snowstorm last night but now the sun is out again. Inside, Mommy has set up her typewrite near the fireplace where it’s cozy and is sending her first letter from our new home. There is so much to report. For one thing, she is thrilled with the kitchen: “I like the electric stove very much. I can prepare a complete meal in half an hour, including baked potatoes. The only trouble is I can’t keep the place as clean as if it were a small apartment but I am not going to kill myself trying…Mrs. Hendee is leaving some blankets and lots of pillows so we will manage nicely as far as linens are concerned.” The ultimate luxury? “There is even a phone extension upstairs in the big bedroom, to save running around. The nice thing about this place is that there will always be plenty for do in our spare time – painting, fixing and moving furniture – and that is just what we love to do.” And how to end a perfect day? Jack Benny with Ann Sheridan from Mitchell Field!

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