Planes, trains, and scooterbikes

Tuesday, Jan 23, 1945

Glorious news: The Russians are 30 miles into German territory and only 150 miles from Berlin. Equally glorious, the Bulge has collapsed! In the Pacific, American bombers destroyed 140 Japanese planes in a sortie over Formosa. But it’s not over yet; we’re all hunkering down for the stiffer fighting to come. No one is surprised that there will soon be much tighter rations on clothing to preserve essential supplies. Mommy shared good news in a letter to Daddy: “Flash: Just got a train reservation on an upper berth leaving tomorrow at 4 PM! I have nothing for Chicago to Denver but I am going to go and take a chance anyhow. I shall try every plane, every train, and every scooterbike leaving Chicago for Denver. Soon!”

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