60 Yanks = 1 Briton

Thursday, Jan 18, 1945

The numbers are startling: 332,912 ground forces killed since D-Day. British Prime Minister Winston Churchill says our men saved the Western Front when the Nazis burst out of Germany into Belgium. He told the House of Commons today that Americans had done most of the fighting and had lost 60 to 80 men for every British casualty. Here in Brooklyn, the temperature has plunged to 13’. Mommy wrote her last letter to Daddy from the East Coast. His mom, she reported “:…works like a team of dogs!” despite having a cold. But she has agreed to visit us in Denver if Mommy makes the new home kosher. In two days we’re supposed to leave here at 9 PM arriving in Denver at 1:32 AM. Then we’ll get right onto the Denver-bound plane if we’re lucky. If not, we’ll stay at a hotel and leave the next morning.

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