Planes, Trains, and Automobiles

Thursday, Jan 4, 1945

Mommy has done a lot of research for our flight to Chicago and train trip from there to Denver: “ I went to the RR Office yesterday and there is a 30-day wait for all trains going West to Denver! By the way, the Pullman fare is $111.45 one way. The plane is $98.40. I don’t get it! I always thought the plane was double to train fare or more. My folks are driving me to New York next Saturday evening so I can pay a visit to your mother and then take a plane to Chicago. If I were to go by train, I’d have to take a 6:30 AM train out of Bridgeport to NY. If the roads aren’t passable, that’s what I’ll have to do anyway.By the way, if the plane reservation is cancelled, I’ll wait for the next empty seat. [I guess I get to sit on her lap.] They keep a preferred list and give you the first available non-priority opening. One thing about going this way, I know I’m not taking an important traveller’s seat away because I have no priority whatsoever!”

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