Year-end accounting

Saturday, Dec. 30, 1944

Grandma spent some time today with the account books. (She says she actually took accounting courses in Riga when she was a young woman.) And her report is good. Mommy wrote, “The business season wound up highly successful with a high rate of profit and a low rate of trouble. Ma and Pa seem more relaxed and peaceful than I remember seeing them on previous Christmases.” Mommy was busy, too. Daddy says we can join him in Denver and that he even has a possible house to rent. So, Mommy is preparing for a move. “I got a letter from Courtneys with an insurance policy for 3 months expiring 2/18/45. I think I’ll take it because if we move, all we need is fire insurance + I wanted to be covered solid so we can hold them responsible for any scratches or damage we find when we take out the stuff.”

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