Feeling hopeful about 1945

1944_chicago-trib_dec-29_p-1Friday, Dec. 29, 1944

Daddy’s first letter from Denver has lifted everyone’s spirits. “Honestly, your letter fairly sparkled with the clear cold air of Denver,” Mommy wrote, “I could almost sniff it the moment I opened the letter. Yes, my darling, I’ll come the instant you send for me!” Adding to her good spirits, “I finally got my story off to Red Book. My father and mother read it last night and they were really nuts about it. My mother fell in love with the hero and probably will invite him here for some weekend… I’ve started on another, but I doubt if I’ll do any real work on it before I get to Denver.” Finally, Patton’s First Army has pushed the Nazis back 16 miles. The tide is turning back in our favor.

A good night to light the Sabbath candles.


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