“Mother’s Way”

Saturday, Dec. 16, 19441944_dec-16_brooklyn-daily-eagle_p-2

While this cartoon makes fun of cautious mothers, I don’t see Daddy complaining about the pampering he’s getting here. Grandma is thrilled to be doing the pampering. She used lots of pillows and blankets to make him comfortable on the couch and brings him bowls of homemade chicken soup bowls, pieces of challah, and anything else he’s allowed to eat after his gall bladder removal. His incision is still sore but he is content lying still and holding court for all the visiting relatives. Meanwhile, I’m playing with my cousins in the back of the house where our noise can’t disturb him. Speaking of mothers, a neighbor, Mrs. John Larson, just learned that her son Capt. F. J. Murray was miraculously rescued from the sea after 11 days in enemy Pacific waters. His B-29 was shot down during a bombing raid over Tokyo, his 50th sortie. This news is especially poignant because Mrs. Larson’s younger son Gerald was reported missing in action two years ago.

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