Queen of Bridgeport

1944_12_carriageSunday, Dec. 3, 1944

Mommy is packing a small bag. We’re going to spend a few days with my grandmother in Brooklyn. I get to see lots and lots of cousins and, of course, everyone makes a fuss over me because I’m (still) the baby of the family –but not for long. Daddy’s sister is pregnant again so I’ll get bumped from the throne. No matter what happens in Brooklyn, though, I am still Queen in Bridgeport. The store is closed today so Grandma and Grandpa took me for a nice walk in the cold quiet street.

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2 Responses to Queen of Bridgeport

  1. jvlrmd says:

    But you aren’t wearing gloves! Those little hands, even if royal, must still be cold.

  2. I never thought of that! Maybe someone tucked the blankets around my arms.

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