Deployment plans

Friday, Nov. 24, 1944

1944_nov_5_tribune_p-16We’re packing up again for Connecticut. Daddy explained the big picture in today’s letter: “I’m in a field hospital. That is a 400-bed hospital that sets up its tents somewhere around 100 miles from the front. The group was just organized and doesn’t start to train till Monday. That’s all I know except that it is going overseas in 2 to 4 months and naturally nobody knows in which direction it will go. We are supposed to train together for a few months so that the unit can work together once it gets overseas.” Daddy  has leave this weekend so he will drive Mommy and me to Chicago and put us on a train to New York. We’ll get to Penn Station at 9 AM and finally reach Bridgeport at 11 AM. The reason he’s moving us so quickly is the new unit has to go on a three-week bivouac this coming week. Mommy and I would be on our own that time and Daddy won’t get leave until December to drive us back East. “So, all considered, this is the best way,” he concluded. But we’re all excited about a little time in a real city. Mommy and Daddy will visit old friends. We’ll stroll State Street and look at the holiday windows. But we’ll miss the big Circus parade.

Just time to light the Sabbath candles.


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