The Princess and the Pirate

Thursday, Nov.16, 1944

My new home is a dream come true! “It’s just a farmhouse,” Mommy reported, “ but it’s very comfortable. We have 2 rooms and some cooking appliances. The people are very nice and easy to live with. There’s lots of room as there are 16 acres. Also 3 brand-new calfs [sic], hundreds of chickens and even a few pigs to play with. Any child would be happy here. We’re letting American Express hold the crib and carriage for a while till we find out what it’s all about.” Last night we enjoyed a nearly perfect escape from the anxiety of waiting for Daddy’s orders. We went to the movies at the base to see Bob Hope in “The Princess and The Pirate.” “The seats were long wooden benches and it was hard to sit through the movie without shifting from side to side,” Mommy wrote. No problem for me since I got to sleep on Mommy and Daddy’s laps

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