American Woman Gets Last Word…!

Wednesday, Nov.15, 1944

1944_nov-14_tribune_p-17We’re here in a motel outside Camp Ellis. Tomorrow Daddy will scout for something more
permanent since the base itself has no livingquarters for us. He’s also making plans for overseas deployment. “If and when the time comes,” he wrote home, “I will drive the family home and leave them and the car in Bridgeport and then I’ll return to this station. I expect to get at least a week’s leave in the next few weeks for the last time if I’m going to go overseas and I’ll spend most of the time in Brooklyn.” What he isn’t writing about yet is the possibility, maybe probability, that he’ll be sent West to the Pacific, rather than East to Europe. The war in Europe seems to be rolling to its end while our forces are fighting for every inch as they get closer and closer to Japan.

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