Army bombshell

Sunday, Nov.12, 1944


Daddy ended his Saturday letter with this note: “Tomorrow is Sunday and we will go see some more sights if the weather is right.” Well, the weather was right and we did go sightseeing. But what happened at the end of the day has turned our lives upside down. Here’s the letter he wrote about it: “I guess every family that a member in the Army is afraid of a letter like this. Still everybody knows that sooner or later it will come. It was a fine day today so we went to do some window shopping so we would have some idea what to put in our new home when it opened. When we got home, they told me there was a phone call from the hospital. I couldn’t imagine what it was but I called and sure enough there was a rush telegram for me from the War Department. We went to the Hospital and got the news. What a blow. I’ve been transferred to Camp Ellis [Illinois]. We have 2 ½ days to drive there. We’re packing tonight. I’ll get all my papers straightened out tomorrow morning and we’ll start out tomorrow afternoon.”


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