Almost Election Day

Friday, Nov.3, 1944

1944-womens-hairstylesToday Mommy wrote: “Election Day is pretty near. I hope every one of you will get to vote. I feel very smug now that I have voted [by absentee ballot in Illinois]. At least, if we lose, I know it won’t be because I didn’t try.” I haven’t helped matters by refusing to go to sleep at night. Apparently I “play tag” in my crib with all my blankets. According to Mommy, I also “pull the hair of every woman who is standing near her in a crowd. I don’t think it’s funny but her victims invariably smile and look pleased.” I have to wonder how sincere those smiles are given the effort it takes to get hair into those smooth rolls and secure the hat. Between running amok in the movies and grabbing people’s hair, I’m a regular crowd-pleaser.

Light the Sabbath candles.

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