GOP locks in the Midwest

Monday, Oct. 30, 1944

1944-womens-formal-wearMommy is fretting over the GOP lock on the Midwestern states. It seems there’s a GOP surge in Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Michigan, Minnesota, Nebraska, No. Dakota, So. Dakota, Ohio, and Wisconsin. Will Dewey beat her beloved FDR? All this worry is on top of her near fashion disaster at the Officers Club Halloween dance last Saturday. Here’s how she described in today’s letter: “I asked Abe to make sure and find out what kind of dress the women were required to wear and he very blandly informed me that unless it says ‘formal’ not to worry. Needless to say, it was formal and I was absolutely the only one in a short dress! Well, my motto is when you wake up and find yourself walking down Fifth Avenue in a bath towel, just lift your chin and act as though you think there’s nothing wrong. So we stayed, we danced, we said hello to everyone, I met Colonel Hunter, the boss, and we had a swell time. Nobody said anything about my street dress, but I made it a point to apologize to the chairlady of the committee. She assured me that it was all right. What else could she do? However, next time I’ll show up in a long dress.” Maybe like this one.

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