I love Cats!!

Sunday, Oct. 29, 1944

1944_denver_sept_cats-1Here’s how we’ve settled in, Mommy wrote to her parents: “As soon as we get into a place, we start in making it homelike. We connect our radio and our ‘lamps.’ The lamps are the floodlights Abe uses for indoor pictures. But with an ordinary bulb they’re perfect for this kind of life and they’re just about the only kind of lamps we could take with us. Then we put up a calendar and a picture and we’re all set.” It’s our second day in the new home but there’s a problem. I had to leave my beloved cats behind. Before we moved, Daddy sent this picture to Grandma and Grandpa to prove that I know how handle cats. I never got scratched once!

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One Response to I love Cats!!

  1. jvlrmd says:

    Wonderful picture. And she looks just like you!

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