What you get for $20/month

Saturday, Oct. 28, 1944

Mommy and Daddy are very proud of moving us into our new place practically overnight. Mommy wrote home: “When the war is over, we may take up moving as a side line – guaranteed to get you settled in two hours flat or your money back!” She also explained why this place is so cheap: “Well, to begin with, we don’t have our own bathroom. It is at the other end of the hall and we share it with the rest of the household. Then, there is no running water in our rooms. There is a stove and a kitchen but no sink. I keep a pail of water handy and wash dishes in a dishpan which has to be emptied in the bathroom.” But there is good news. It seems at this distance, Daddy is entitled to 1000 miles worth of gas a month. Anyway, we’re snug as bugs in a rug.


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