“….hard as the hammers in hell”

Thursday, Oct. 26, 1944

Daddy has a new job he really likes it. Mommy wrote home today that he “is very happy in his new job. This is probably why he joined the Army – to treat soldiers, and he certainly is doing a good job of it…He came home pretty tired most days.” But even more exciting: “This will be a short letter because we’re moving tonight. I was out house-hunting this morning, and I passed a place that wasn’t even advertised. It’s a small furnished apartment with a shared bathroom for all of twenty dollars a month. It is very clean and there are not many conveniences but we can stay there until the project is ready and save a little money. The bed is hard as the hammers of hell, but one gets used to hard beds. There is a lovely closed-in yard to play in with no interference because the people who live in the downstairs apartment have no children. I don’t know all the details yet but I grabbed it because it is liveable and inexpensive.”

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2 Responses to “….hard as the hammers in hell”

  1. jvlrmd says:

    No more chicken coop?!

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