Wednesday, Oct. 25, 1944

In her answer to Grandma and Grandpa yesterday, Mommy is still thinking of her cousin Cyril: “Cyril will never see his little nephew, but no one can say he didn’t give that baby the greatest gift an uncle could give – the promise of a better world to live in… I don’t forget for one single minute that I don’t have to fear the airplanes that roar over our heads all day long. I can plan a day without fearing for an instant that someone in uniform will come and take us away without explanation. It’s really impossible to explain exactly how I feel, but in a word, I feel lucky…I envy no one. I have so much to be thankful for and so little to regret!” Marines and sailors in the Pacific, youngsters such as Cyril, are making our safety possible. And they now face a new threat: Japanese planes came diving out the sky and crashed into the ships. Just straight into them and crashed on the deck! Called “Kamikaze” – “Divine Wind,” these young pilots are Japan’s last desperate hope to stave off defeat.






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