American democracy

Tuesday, Oct. 24, 1944

Yesterday Daddy came home late from work with a long, long letter from Grandma and Grandpa. Mommy stayed up late last night answering it so I could help her post it this morning. Grandpa wrote about a special film festival they went to showing the amazing accomplishments of Jewish settlers in Palestine. He also reported a thrilling announcement: President Roosevelt is finally behind the creation of a Jewish state in Palestine. “Do you imagine the significance of it?” Grandpa wrote. A survivor of pogroms in Poland, he can barely contain his excitement. As for Dewey, he wrote, “Let him win with the help of his coloured shirts [Grandpa means “Fascist.” Hitler’s supporters wore brown shirts. In England, Oswald Mosley’s Nazi sympathizers wore black shirts]…No special misgivings and fear and all that goes with that, which was our lot for the last 20 centuries, at every government change. We will have emissaries as a nation in Washington and in any capitol in the World with whose nation we will be friendly. We will accept any and welcome many who will want to become a Palestinian citizen.” His final comment on America: “I have faith in the American majority to come thru unscathed” As for the reactionaries who attack the government, “It will only serve to bring out the democratic spirit with a mightier rebound.”


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