Election Jitters

Tuesday, Oct. 17

Mommy is usually thrilled when Daddy comes home with letters from Grandma and Grandpa. She saves them up to read when she can sit down with a cup of tea and enjoy in her folks’ news and comments. Not today. Mommy is really getting jittery about the election. She can’t even read the newspaper anymore. The Denver Post is solidly for Dewey and attacks Roosevelt, her hero, every chance it gets. Grandma’s advice in this letter: “Leave the worries to the politicians. Look at me. I am cool, calm, and collective [Mommy chuckled at this. Grandma’s English is sometimes funny] and everything will turn out O.K.” Grandma also says there is still no word about cousin Cyril. The family “has taken it very nicely but no one can see into their hearts.”


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