Making fun of women

1944-chicago-tribune_oct-10_p-10Sunday, Oct. 15, 1944

I don’t get it this cartoon. I see Mommy working so hard to keep house and cook and find us a new home. She washes our clothes in the bathroom sink and then hangs them out on the line to dry. All around me I see women hard at work tending homes and working in factories.  At the hospital, I see women in uniform tending Daddy’s patients. Some of them are even back from the Fronts because they themselves were in uniform fighting. There are 19.4 million women working now! So how this cartoon make sense?



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4 Responses to Making fun of women

  1. broncos0087 says:

    I cannot make out the date. Was it wartime?

    • yankeewarbride says:

      Yes, it was a wartime cartoon. Somehow I deleted the “1944.” Thanks for calling my attention to it!

      • broncos0087 says:

        I think it might be a comment on those who worked and those who let others work for them. During the war, everybody was expected to pitch in and nobody was expected to lounge around listening to music. It seems to me that we have a similar problem today, with too many folks waiting to be given things and not enough people willing to put in time and effort to contribute. Of course, the nature of jobs is different these days, so we can all enjoy some free time, but if another crisis the likes of WWII came along again, i expect we would all be asked (and expected) to sacrifice.

  2. yankeewarbride says:

    I see your point. But it’s also true that cartoonists continue to present women as preoccupied with dating or lounging around even though everyone was pitching in.

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