“The wheels of procedure take their slow turns”

Saturday, Oct. 14, 1944

What a blowout! Notre Dame defeated Dartmouth 64-0. It was the worst Dartmouth defeat since Harvard beat Dartmouth in 1890 by the same amount. It’s kind of like what’s happening in the war. Mommy and I will be on our own tonight. Daddy has his first OD (on Duty) shift in a long time. Mommy wrote home that he’ll do it about once a month, and always on a Saturday night. She’s very proud of how he helped a soldier: “He had to call up a dozen people to get a private an emergency furlough to go back to his sick mother in Connecticut. He worked as fast as he could but I want to tell you it was something to see a worried soldier stand there patiently while the wheels of procedure take their slow turns. But as a disciplined soldier, he simply waited respectfully while Abe pulled the Colonel away from his dinner for the OK… If I ever hear any civilian gripe about the ‘restrictions in wartime,’ so help me, I’ll scream (I was going to say I’d spit in his eye, but that wouldn’t be ladylike.)”

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