Once Upon A Typist

Wednesday, Oct. 11, 1944

Mommy is not only keeping house, cooking, and doing the wash. At night, after I go to sleep, she works on the story she is hoping to sell to Redbook Magazine. She wrote home: “Today I went looking for a typist to do my story. It seems that the book has really hit this place. A professional typist gets thirty-five cents a page, fifteen cents for the first carbon copy and ten cents for the second carbon copy. My story is about fifty pages long, so it have to cost thirty dollars! At that rate you can make more money typing stories than writing them.” Still no word from the Pacific Front about the cousin who went down in Saipan. But Admiral Nimitz announced that yesterday our Navy pounded the Ryukyu Islands, just 220 miles from Japan. We’re getting closer and closer!

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