A Death in Saipan

Friday, Oct. 6, 1944

Sabbath eve is normally a special and peaceful time. Mommy and Daddy try extra hard. Mommy makes chicken, if she can find and afford one. Daddy makes sure to get home from the base in time to change out of his uniform. The table is set with small glasses of wine. I even get a glass of juice on my high chair tray to join in the blessing of the wine. But tonight is somber. A letter from my grandparents arrived today with the sad news that a cousin has been killed at Saipan. With all the successes in Europe, we forgot how brutal the battles are in the Pacific Front. “Island hopping,” as it’s called, means our armed forces fight over tiny specks of land as the front inches closer and closer to Japan. And with each advance, the Japanese forces dig in harder and fight more fiercely. Since Daddy has gotten training in tropical medicine, the Pacific could be his next posting.

Light the Sabbath candles.

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