Greedy landlords hurt “us little fellows”

1944_coca-colaTuesday, Oct. 3, 1944

A lot of people are stewing about this but, like it or not, the Russians are our allies now. The Battle of the Baltics has been raging since August as masses of Soviet troops break through German defenses on the East. Now wonder Coca Cola is featuring a weathered Russian sailor in its ad campaign. Mommy has been busy house hunting since our lease here will be up soon. The whole thing has Mommy up in arms. Today she wrote home about the prospect of housing that’s being built for war workers and service men stationed here: “That makes the local landlords stinking mad because us little fellows get a break for a change. What I mean is that the landlords own the projects and built them but they would never have had the materials released to them if the didn’t promise to rent…to war workers and soldiers.” She’s sure that without that restriction, the landlords would rent to “local Denverites who could sell their own houses at a whopping profit.”





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