“When He Comes Home”

Friday, Sept. 29, 1944

The post-war world will be very different from one we’re living in now. For one thing, 1944_09_20_brooklyn-daily-eagle_p-23returning veterans will have been to parts of the world they once knew only from geography class. For another, they will be profoundly changed by the experience. What should wives and children and family expect? The newspapers are starting to print columns on this and inviting people to send in their experiences. In a new syndicated column “When He comes Home,” Mrs A. W. O., married 12 years, now cherishes what she used to consider the faults of her newly returned Marine husband. She writes, “ I’ve found that I love every little thing I thought was a fault..” She vows never to complain if he “strews the Sunday papers all over the living room that I spent all day Saturday putting shipshape. On Sunday he always wanted to listen to the Dodgers on the radio. That annoyed me. He can steam up the bathroom and shot, ‘What, no towels?’ And I will take a great deal of pleasure in supplying the same. He can bring the boys in for a game of pinochle and I won’t squawk at getting out of bed at 1 AM to make coffee. He’s my hero! He’s really home and all mine. Maybe I’ll stay awake and say, ‘Thank God he’s home safe.’”

Light the Sabbath candles.

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