Yom Kippur 1944

Tuesday, Sept. 26, 1944

Tonight I will be able to join Mommy and Daddy in one of the most sacred meals of the Jewish year: the meal we’ll share this evening before sundown as they prepare to fast the next day and atone for their sins of the year. Babies, pregnant women, the elderly, and ill are excused from fasting but I will be a good girl. Daddy is writing a letter home about how Mommy was making a special meal for us for today – a stuffed roast chicken. Mommy and Daddy will miss being with family but they are thinking of their families back in Europe. Has anyone survived the Nazi death camps? We hear the Nazis are “celebrating” our High Holy Days with mass killings of children. Daddy ended his letter with this message for all the world: This evening is Yom Kippur and we intend to observe the holiday in the traditional way. Tomorrow our hearts will be with you all and we will join you in hoping that this is the last Yom Kippur to see our national suffering as it has been.”



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