Daddy’s plan for Germany

Monday, Sept. 25, 1944

If you think the Allied post-war plan for Germany is harsh, take a look at what Daddy wrote home. Keep in mind that he has bitter memories of his brief experiences there in 1932 and knows how many of his family there will never be seen again:

  1. “First, Hitler must be allowed to live
  2. Hitler and company must be forced back on the Germans as leaders whether the Germans want them or not
  3. The Allies in their invasion must destroy everything they possibly can. But not radios
  4. No nation will be allowed to trade with Germany and no tourists may visit.

If the Allies touch one hair on Hitler’s head. He will become a hero to the Germans and we are sure to have WW 3. The idea is to make Germany and the Germans poor and disconnected so that they will rise up and kill Hitler themselves. And if you don’t that then I would advise you to speak to some German prisoners of war. They are already planning WW 3 and they still believe in Hitler.” Mommy doesn’t like Daddy’s plan. She says that how the Allies reacted after WWI.

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