Women’s Lib (and toddlers’ too)

Saturday, Sept. 23, 1944

It’s Daddy’s turn to write a letter and he’s decided to tell everyone back home about his lectures: “I was trying to tell my students what happened when a person faints and I said, ‘Take for example when a woman sees a mouse, she faints. One of the students raised his hand and said women don’t faint when they see a mouse. I said, ‘How come, they used to.’ ‘Yeah,’ he said, ‘but now they don’t even faint if they see a wolf’.” Daddy added, “ This makes 3 weeks for us here. Any questions you may have in regards to our future here or in the army should be addressed to Washington. We don’t know nothing – absolutely nothing, so don’t ask me.” As for my activities, “She knocked over a three-year old and took her doughnut away. She also ate a bee but that’s OK. It was dead anyway.”

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