The Hurricane ravages Brooklyn

Friday, Sept. 22, 1944

Mommy was preparing our Sabbath meal when Daddy came in with a letter from his folks in Brooklyn. (We get all the mail delivered to him at the Hospital because we don’t know how long we’ll be in any one place.) His sister wrote a pretty frightening report about the hurricane: “Brother, it was no dud! Too bad you weren’t here to take some pictures to show the damage Mom had. The two trees on the side of the house were completely uprooted and the sidewalks thrown across the garden. Yesterday the men were sawing and chopping at the trees so they can be carted away by the DSC since the DSC won’t take whole trees. [The Brooklyn Daily Eagle reported yesterday that local lumberjacks would do the cutting for $50 to $100 per tree.] The kids came from miles around to play Tarzan and it really looked like a zoo with thousands of kids hanging, jumping, climbing the trees all day looking like monkeys. There was no electricity for 4 days and live wires were all over the place. About 15 people were killed by them. No one went out at night because no street lights were on. A man almost got killed while Mom was looking when he ran to get his 2 kids standing on the corner while the wires were swinging around them and fire coming out of the wires.” This is the first Mommy and Daddy heard about the hurricane in Brooklyn. Oddly, there was more reporting on the storm overseas than here in the USA.

Whew, light the Sabbath candles.

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