Why you shouldn’t take a toddler to a movie

Thursday, Sept. 21, 1944

Hooray, Allied Forces burst across the Rhine! Hitler’s attempt to lead German troops to victory did not work. There’s a sense that it really is almost over. Maybe that’s why Mommy shared this embarrassing story about my first trip to the movies. “I’ll give you a report because it is worth telling. First of all, we couldn’t get a baby minder and it was a movie we were anxious to see. So Abe suggested taking her and letting her sleep in the movie. I was horrified but he persuaded me that as long as it was dark in the theater, she would get tired and fall asleep in his lap. But she had other ideas… When the show began, you never saw a more wide awake child. She perched in Abe’s lap with her eyes glued to the screen and watched everything with the greatest interest. Every time a horse or cat or dog or any four-legged creature appeared on the screen, she let out a loud “Ahpp” to show her appreciation. She really enjoyed herself and was a model audience until the last half hour or so. Then it got so noisy that she began to squirm and complain a little. So we walked to the back of the theater and sort of bounced her up and down until we saw the end of the movie.” She ended with the real news – or no news: “Nothing yet about the transfer or appointment.”


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