The Presidential campaign gets ugly

Wednesday, Sept. 13, 1944

The political campaign has gotten truly ugly, with the Republicans and 1944_sept-13_naugatuck-daily_p-4Democrats hurling ugly statements at each other. But today’s letter from Grandpa is about the weather. At home, the neighbor’s sewage has backed up – again, the gutters are overflowing, the town is flooding, and the radio predicts worse to come. That’s the gist of Grandpa’s latest letter with a detailed description of clouds and the weather. His observations aren’t just for fun, it’s hurricane season in New England and there’s already a storm moving up from the Florida coast. But dire as his report is, my mother had to laugh at his colorful language. He wrote: “I must have spoken too early in my last communication to you when I insulted the rain [saying] it packed nothing else, just a little wetness. Grandpa sent a long letter today about cloud formations. It was playing us with little more than a drizzle and not in a hurry to do a quick job since it was to stay with us for a week or so. But the very industrious rain clouds riding high and seeing the poor job the rain was making of it must have decided to help out. You should have seen the lions and tigers, to say nothing of the pitchforks coming down.”


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