“Oh, write anything…”

carbon-paperTuesday, Sept. 12, 1944

Grandma’s letter was all about me – how she wishes for even more news than Mommy is sending. After suggesting topics Mommy could cover, Grandma ended, “Oh, write anything!” And poor Mommy is really trying to write a letter every day! But she needs a new typewriter ribbon since she now types up a carbon of each letter: one copy goes to Grandma and Grandpa, the other goes the GGma (Daddy’s mother). Mommy is very even-handed. Whoever got the carbon copy of the previous letter gets the real letter the next time. But working with carbons is messy. The ink gets on her hands and then she has to wash them right away or she spreads the ink to everything else, including me. Meanwhile, Grandpa added childrearing advice: “I think you should start telling her [that’s me] little simple stories and singing little simple songs. Repeat it and she will begin to understand it.”


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