Bulgaria falls

Saturday, Sept. 9, 1944

A great day for the Allies: Bulgaria has kicked out the Nazis. This is huge since King Boris III_BulgariaBulgarian railways made it easy for troops to travel from Germany to the Balkan nations. King Boris of Bulgaria was originally neutral in WWII but joined the Axis in 1941 hoping to claim territory to the south when the Axis rolled up Greece, Macedonia, and Yugoslavia. Mommy is even positively jaunty about moving again. Mommy and Daddy have gotten a cottage. It’s for a few months but the war will probably be over soon. No need to plan too far ahead. Mommy wrote home: “We are all packed and ready to go to our new home. We have to wait for the people to move out first, and so it took a day or two extra. I tell you, moving is something that we can knock off between breakfast and lunch! And don’t think we haven’t a lot of stuff. WE have all our summer and winter clothing, a crib, a high chair, a playpen, blankets and sheets. We have a typewriter, a camera, bulbs, books, papers, a few dishes and cutlery, shoes, rubbers, winter military uniforms, extra shoes, diaper pails, laundry bags, , soap, not to mention staples I’ve accumulated such as salt, pepper, sugar, flour, oil, vinegar, tea, coffee, ketchup, canned goods, onions, and potatoes. But we’ve become such experts, we can move on two hours notice. And you’ll notice there’s even time for a letter home!!!!!”



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