“..the kindness of Denverites”

Friday, Sept. 8, 1944

Patton barreling in from the West, the Russians clearing the Nazis from Bulgaria: A giant trap is closing around Germany. Our bombers are pounding Japanese positions in Asia. But no one’s sitting back; the Draft Board is calling in 18-year olds and 1A men to fill the military ranks. Good news here: Mommy’s faith in humanity has been restored by The Vegetable Man. “He has a whopping Victory Garden,” she wrote, “ His stuff grows so beautifully and plentifully that he can’t eat it all and his wife can’t can it. So he piles it into his car and sells it for ridiculous prices. Radishes are 2 cents for a huge bunch, corn that melts in your mouth is 20 cents a dozen. I asked him why he sells such beautiful vegetables for so little and he said, ‘I want to share it with the people. If I try to give it away, they get suspicious, so I charge for the seed and the gas I need to drive around.’ He has revived my faith in the kindness of Denverites.”

All the better to light the Sabbath candles.

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