Plastic is the Post-war Future

Tuesday, Sept. 5, 1944

The housing situation is not good. Mommy wrote home that we have three strikes against us when we go looking for a more permanent place to stay: “If you have lots of money, there is no problem because the places that rent for 5 or 6 dollars a day will be glad to take you even if you are a soldier and have a baby and you are a Jew. But as for cheaper places, you have to have a stroke of luck to get something reasonable. There are lots of people who are permanently stationed here and spend almost their whole salary on rent. I get so mad at some of the landlords, I find myself hoping that they all go broke when the war is over.” And speaking of the end of the war, she advised her parents to” start unloading some of the your merchandise that’s made of cheap substitutes… You have lots of wooden things, and toys made of paper or cardboard and oilcloth. After the war everything will be made of light metal, plastics, and rubber. Talk it over with your suppliers but, whatever you do, don’t get stuck with a store full of outmoded tchotchkes.”

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