The Republicans pick on a dog?

Saturday, Sept. 2, 1944

Can you believe the brouhaha over President Roosevelt’s dog, Fala? The Republicans are claiming that a warship was diverted from battle duty to fetch the Scottie, who, the GOP claims, was somehow left on the Aleutian Islands after the President’s visit. Meanwhile, Daddy started school. His schedule is odd: one class at 9 AM and another at 3 PM. Some days he’ll have a class as late as 10 PM, Mommy reported in today’s letter. But what really interested her was her first-ever encounter with Mennonites. It turns out a Mennonite couple staying here know the four spinster ladies we stayed with in Eaton, Indiana. And their son is training as a medical technician. “The Mennonites are these very religious folks who all wear the exact same costume. The men wear hats like the old rabbis with long beards and fairly long hair, and all black clothing. The women wear long grey dresses with funny little bonnets. They don’t wear any kind of jewelry or makeup and I’m told they don’t use tablecloths or curtains.”


FDR’s Famous Scottish Terrier, Fala

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