Tire Trouble in Kansas

Wednesday, Aug 30, 1944

We barely made it out of Kansas today. I’d better let Mommy tell the story: “The tire with the recap decided to shed the overlaid rubber and we were stuck in the middle of the flat Kansas corn fields. We finally limped into a little town called Bogue – no running water, no paved streets, nothing that looked like plumbing – and everyone was out to lunch and would be gone for over an hour…Well, someone finally directed us to a town thirty miles away which was the county seat and where we might get some kind of help from the ration board. We unloaded the back of the car to change to the spare, then loaded it again for the drive. In Hill City, the county seat, we got a taste of a small town ration board. The board never meets except when they all happen to be in the same place at the same time. The chairman met us in the general store and signed the recommendation for the new tire in the street using our windshield as a desk. The woman in charge of the OPA [Office of Price Administration] had to call headquarters several hundred miles away (at our expense) in order to get the latest directions so that a soldier in transit could get his tire. So we got our brand new tire in about three hours and were on our way.” We’re in Burlington, Colorado tonight. Tomorrow, Denver!

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