The Army won’t tell us a thing!

Tuesday, Aug 22, 1944

Today, after I finished a nice big lunch, I found a tiny piece of colored paper, swallowed it and “up came the egg, milk, chicken, soup, prunes, and cod liver oil.” Poor Mommy wrote home about how she had to stop packing in order to clean me up.  Meanwhile, Daddy is taking his second examination and he and Mommy will finish packing tonight. Mommy wrote that she is really looking forward to this trip: “If we can take it as easy as we plan to, we should have time to look around and pick out nice places for our nightly stopover.” She’ll still have to find a place to stay in Denver and “the tough part of it is that we have no idea how long to rent place… [The Army] won’t tell us a thing!” Mommy is also trying to be thrifty and use up food. My birthday cookies are dessert so she doesn’t have to bake. “It is a problem I run into every time we move (this is the fifth time in two years) and it is a nuisance. There is always some flour, shortening, ketchup, salt, etc not to mention the onions, the potatoes, grated cheese, and half-filled boxes of rice, noodles, and what-not. You have to buy all that stuff to do any kind of cooking, and yet it is too heavy or unpackable to bother with you when you move, so you have to throw it out or give it away and start all over again in the new place.”

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