“I’m a good husband, huh!”

Saturday, Aug 19, 1944

Mommy’s laughing aloud as she reads Daddy’s latest letter. He’s managed to make a laundry disaster sound like fun: “Darling, do you know that laundry bag that was hung up in the kitchen? Well, I took the bag and emptied it into the machine and put in lots of soap and hot water and let it run for a half hour and then I put it through the wringer a few times and a few rinses and hung it all up, and do you know what, darling? Well, did you know that it had some silk stockings and a blouse and some slips in the bag and, of course, I didn’t notice it until it had gone through the wringer a few times. The stockings still had the garters in. But it all looked pretty good when I had it all hung up on the line and I’m sure that tomorrow when I get it all ironed out, things won’t look so shapeless, especially the stockings. I’m a good husband, huh!”

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