Plan now for a modern kitchen

Friday, Aug 18, 1944

Even a baby like me can sense it – a feeling that the end is in sight. Things are still going 1944_Naugatuck Daily News_Aug 16+p.3back and forth on war fronts throughout the globe. Patton’s tanks are racing to Paris while the Nazis are pulling back to guard their home front. Everyone expects that stage of the fighting to be fierce, especially now that the Russians have crossed the Prussian border in the easternmost part of the German homeland. There’s the same expectation for the Pacific front where our bombers are hitting hard at islands around Japan and taking them one by one at a terrible cost of dead and wounded as the Japanese dig in. But ads such as this one capture the popular mood. They encourage thrift through home canning. But they also invite people to imagine a coming time of comfort and indulgence. Mommy and Grandma have been doing their part: whole shelves in the basement are lined with canned peaches and plums. And Grandpa says he’s going to make his own wine this fall when the grapes become ripe.

Light the Sabbath candles.

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