Roma genocide at Auschwitz

Wednesday, Aug 2, 1944

Daddy is very disturbed today. He heard a rumor – or maybe not a rumor – at Walter Reed that Nazis today killed thousands of Roma at Auschwitz. Men, women, and children fought back with stones and sticks – whatever they could get their hands on. But the Nazis gunned them all down. The news is a reminder of how critical our fight is. I know Daddy desperately wants to be sent into it himself. Meanwhile, Grandma and Grandpa want Mommy and me to come back to Connecticut for their 35th wedding anniversary. They know Daddy can’t come but they worry it may be the last time we’re all be together. They are even including Daddy’s parents in the celebration. Mommy and Daddy are discussing the trip: What will it cost to go by train? When would we leave? How long would we stay? I’m watching for the suitcases to come out.



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